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Number of employees 74

Administrative staff
  Alla Bayramova

Director, The State Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan,
Assoc. prof., Western Caspian University, Baku,
Honoured Culture Worker of Azerbaijan,
Member of the board of ICOM CIMCIM and the board of ICOM ICLCM,
Member of the Wods and Music Studies Association (WMA)
Ph.D. in musicology, graduated from Azerbaijan State Conservatoire named after Uzeir Hajibeyov, History and Theory of Music Faculty, author of more than 100 scientific publications.
  Tarana Gurbanova

Deputy Director for Scientific Work, graduated from Azerbaijan State University, Philology Faculty.
  Tarana Zeynalova

Deputy Director, graduated from Azerbaijan State Conservatoire, Faculty of Musical Instruments.
  Ruhiyya Ismayilova

Head of the Audio Archives, graduated from Azerbaijan Futurology Institute, Faculty of Law.
  Matanat Shafiyeva

Scientific Secretary, graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Art, Faculty of Cultural Education.
  Rza Bayramov

Head of the Niyazi Apartment-Museum, graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of History.
  Afag Aliyeva

Head of the V.Mustafazade Memorial Museum, graduated from Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, Faculty of Stomatology, the founder and Director of the charitable fund after name V.Mustafazade.
  Munis Sharifov

—oncertmaster of the National Ensemble of Old Musical Instruments, kamancha and chagane performer. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire. Munis Sharifov participated in a number of international festivals and toured abroad. People's Artist of Azerbaijan Republic. He is the only chagane performer in the world.
  Ramina Aliyeva

Senior Researcher. Graduated from Azerbaijan Economic University.
  Ulviyya Shammadova

The chief of Exposition. Graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.
  Nigar Jabrayilova

Head of the Department of Ancient Musical Instruments, graduated from the faculty of choral conducting of the Uzeyir Hajibeyov Baku Music Academy..
  Nigar Khankishiyeva

Head of the Department of Information Programs and publishing activities of the museum, graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic University.

- The opening of Niyazi Museum
- Speech of Ministry of Culture
  and Tourism A. M. Qarayev

- 10 year anniversary
  of The Museum Ensemble
  of Old Musical Instruments

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